First I will try to demonstrate why Keybase is a good service and why we all should use it. For me they are the first service I could experience the bloat-less life long years ago. I created my account and was like “sure, and what now”.

Later I met with their Chat feature and was like “I have a ton of chat clients already”, but when I pointed out a problem with an article somewhere, I tried to contact someone, he has a Twitter account, but for some logical reason (because I’m not active and famous) I was not able to send a DM him. And like a huge thunderstorm Keybase popped in my mind and just realized I can write him there because a few months earlier I saw he posted a proof on Twitter. But I don’t know him Keybase username. I tried the same as he has on twitter without luck.


And that was the first time I realized it’s a good thing. I was on the Keybase blog and read about Chat and boom, I can start chat with all their proven handlers…

[I] ❯ keybase id twitterhandler@twitter
[long response]

And wow, it was there, next…

[I] ❯ keybase chat new twitterhandler@twitter
Creating a new PRIVATE CHAT conversation
Please enter message content: 

Of course I could use their GUI client, but I do things from terminal if I’m able (and I’m always able to do :P)


Later when I found a Reddit post and the username was familiar, but not the same. The story the user explained was like “Yeah, I think it’s him”, but I did not want to response with something only that specific user could understand because I was not sure if it’s the same user.

Quickly checked his Keybase profile and that specific Reddit username was on there with a nice Proven label, so it is him.


There are a lot more Keybase users can share how they could use their service and how it made their day easier. So I did not mention File-sharing or Groups yet.

The only one thing I never was able to figure out… What the hell is their business model. I saw they got investment, they are hiring engineers, but where The Money comes from and why? I don’t know. If you know let me know ;) For now, it will be a mystery why anyone wants to invest large amount of in Keybase because they usually expect interest/exit options, but whatever, I don’t see they sold my user data, so I keep my trust with them.