I was never a big Twitch or any kind of stream viewer. Occasionally, I did watch esport events, but not all of them and for a while, I just simply stopped doing it. Usually, before going to sleep, I just wasted a lot of time worrying about things and most of them fell into the category of “I have little control over it”, so really just wasted time and energy.

A few weeks ago one of my friend started to stream Judgment and I always wanted to play that game, but I don’t have a PlayStation, so it was the perfect opportunity to experience the story without spoilers. That’s cool, but I knew after the game is done, it’s over. I had zero issues with it, my life was without streamers before, therefore I can continue my life without them too.

After one of the Judgment sessions, I clicked on the “Browse” menu and decided to check a few streamers. And that was a wonderful moment because I come across PomDiggety’s1 channel. I was sitting there and it was fun. She is so nice and I forgot all the wasteful and useless thoughts. After like 3 hours the stream ended, I went to sleep, and that’s it. Or is it? Nope. Next day I opened twitch just to jump in without thinking about it. After the second day, I tried to find the reason why I did it and the conclusion was very simple, I felt myself free, I did not worry about things I can’t change. I’m not a social living thing, still it was so good.

I can’t join on weekend sessions because she is streaming from 4am to 8am in my timezone, but weekdays it’s from 10pm to 2am and that’s just right the end of my day.

I don’t know why, I don’t know how I ended up here really, it just happened and I’m very happy about it. Right now, I’m always waiting on the next live stream like a normal2 innocent child the night before Christmas.

I never promote my posts and I don’t expect she will ever read this, but I’m so thankful for your channel and the community you helped to form with such a nice group of people.

Cover image: 5ergiveaways.com

  1. About PomDiggety: Positive vibes, good energy, great people, and just a smidge queer. Welcome aboard with the ‘Granate Gang! ↩︎

  2. I could never really be excited about Christmas, so that’s the “normal”… list most of the population. I do not try to classify people and say what is normal and what is not normal. It’s just “people in general except a few others and myself”, but it’s much longer to write into a sentence. ↩︎