Compared to the previous one, this versio has a lot of changes like features or design tweaks, mostly changes to make it more user-friendlier.

What’s in v12.46.0?

  • Enhanced API, now createdAd and lastUsedAt for access tokens are aligned to determine if it was used or not. It’s more like a fix. Commit
  • Copy theme code is available from now. Commit
  • We can see a counter for muted notes. Commit
  • Full view mode, kind of WIP, but usable. PR
  • User Token was visible for Admins on User Page, now it’s hidden. Issue PR
  • Some improvements landed for admin page. Commit
  • Not stricly Misskey change, but Misskey was added to the awesome-humane-tech list under the “Fediverse” section. Awesome Humane Tech
  • isSensivite index to improve query perfomance. Commit
  • We can customize what type of notification do we want to see. PR


I don’t know if I miss anything from changes, if I do, sorry, you can check all commits on this compare page.

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