Most of the time, I’m a simple parent of two children, engineering the cloud with Go and Python.

Daytime, I’m a happy Weaveworks citizen.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Where can you find me? The easiest way is to check my Keybase profile.

You can contact me on the Federated network, my Misskey instance: Efertone @ Slippy.

Topics of interest (tech):

  • Go
  • Kubernetes
  • Vim / Neovim
  • Python
  • Haskell

Topics of interest (non-tech):

  • Privacy for Everyone
  • Equal Rights
  • Support LGBTQ+ community (I’m not so social, but with personal interest, I try to do my best; more info on my Slippy account)
  • Gaming (it’s random; PC, Tabletop)

As a hobby… I don’t know, experimenting with random technologies, services or basically anything that does not require me to invest like $2000 just to do some experiments.

From long years ago, I still get a few requests for application security auditing, but I’m not really the one you want to hire for this. I don’t have much time and energy to keep my knowledge up-to-date on this field. I’m happy to help, but my knowledge is most likely outdated if it’s not an evergreen topic.

External resources on this site

I try to minimize the number of external dependencies and try to keep away all the non-privacy centered services. That’s why this site uses Commento as commenting system. It’s hosted on my own infrastructure, the domain is owned by me (you can check the proof on Keybase).

The theme I use has some external CDN dependencies like flag-icon.min.css (to be fair, I think it is the only one) which is coming from

No adds

Because of the reasons above, there are no adds, or any other trackers on this site. I hope one day we can see a lot more sites with this mentality.